Matthias Jung
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Chamber opera by Boris Blacher
Libretto by the composer after William Shakespeare
Text edition for Children's Opera Cologne by Brigitta Gillessen and Luca Marcossi
Suitable for children aged 13 and more / Duration approx. 75 mins. / in German language

Tue /
mar 24
StaatenHaus Saal 3 / 7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. / Vorstellung / 22 €


The Montague and Capulet families have been enemies for generations. Juliet, the daughter of the Capulets, and Romeo, the only son of the Montagues, fall in love with each other. But their love can only be secret, because the quarrel between their parents escalates further and further, and so it comes to a tragic end.

The composer Boris Blacher chose an unusual form for his chamber opera Romeo and Juliet, which he wrote in 1943, during the Second World War: A chorus accompanies and comments on the action and itself takes on many of the roles that influence Romeo and Juliet's decisions in Shakespeare's drama. The result is an intense, multi-layered chamber work, unusual and emotionally gripping for a young audience.


Musikalische Leitung Luca Marcossi / Inszenierung Brigitta Gillessen / Bühne & Kostüme Jens Kilian / Choreografie Nwarin Gad / Licht Nicol Hungsberg / Dramaturgie Svenja Gottsmann /